Video surveillance in public transportation

In recent years, the need for safety in public transit has increased significantly and video surveillance in these environments has become commonplace. The more we rely on these systems, the more important it becomes to ensure that they always work. Streaming high-quality video places high demands on the data communications network, and the difficult operational conditions on-board trains comes with a unique set of requirements and challenges. Westermo has developed data communications products specifically for solving common challenges within CCTV and video surveillance systems in public transit.


Westermo provides products and solutions for most networking applications within the rail industry. Our extensive product range and deep understanding of rail applications ensures that we can offer the best solution for your needs.

On-board CCTV and network recorder with gigabit capacity for high definition video surveillance

The Westermo Viper switch family offers gigabit Ethernet support to build high definition onboard video surveillance networks for modern passenger safety systems.

  • Fully EN50155 compliant
  • Gigabit Ethernet support for state-of-the-art NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • Robust, high speed and compact onboard CCTV network

Modern video surveillance systems demand high definition video recording as a pre-requisite for ensuring passenger safety as well as ensuring global security standards are followed onboard trains. Having a Gigabit consist network coupled with a modern  network video recorder (NVR) will ensure a modern and robust video surveillance system that is fully EN50155 compliant to guarantee high definition and high-speed video monitoring and recording onboard trains. Depending on network requirements, multiple Gbit ports are available along with PoE support to support modern high definition cameras and network video recorders.

Kenny Nania

Sales, Westermo North America

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